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Damon Raja

Using Organic Pest Remedies Against Pests

Feb 8th 2013, 12:02 pm
Posted by feraja3
Having problems with pest infestations but can not use pesticides and insect repellents due to the fear which it can affect both you and your family’s health? Then you can desire to use natural pest remedies instead. These all-natural remedies, as the name implies, are all-natural and contain no hazardous nasty chemicals which may damage both you and your family.

Listed below are some examples of organic pest remedies that you may find in your house to help you keep those pests away:

Citrus extracts are great as an insect repellent, keeping insects like fleas and ants away. Just place citrus extracts on spots you see those fleas and ants regularly and watch as they leave the spot immediately. Citrus extracts are also effective against dog fleas. Simply pour a tiny amount on your dog’s skin and wash it with water. The mix is a wonderful method to kill off fleas, as well as prevent them from returning later on. However, this mixture should not be used on cats, as they are allergic to citrus and citrus extracts.

Catnip, which is very effective in keeping your cats active and happy, can also be used as a naturally prevention for cockroaches. Simply put catnip on places and spots where you'd find cockroaches and in the following days, you will see a decline on their numbers. Mixing it with water, catnip can be made into “catnip tea”, which can be used to repel cockroaches, or even kill them completely. But, catnip and catnip tea should be used reasonably on homes with cats on it as it may have some effect to your cats.

Garlic juice is a powerful repellent against mosquitoes. Just mix garlic juice with water and apply it on your body parts. This may last up to 5-6 hours. Garlic juice is not only used as a repellent, but also a mosquito larvae killer.

Neem and neem oil is among the best insect repellants you can use if you don’t desire to use those market bought pesticides and insect repellants. Neem oils are really useful in keeping insects away from you, even the most irritating bugs like bed bugs and dustmites. In addition, it's non toxic and it is non-harmful to all mammals, birds, and numerous others.

Cucumber peels are excellent in keeping off mosquitoes, ants, flies, wasps, and fleas off your home. The more bitter the cucumber is, the better.

Cayenne pepper, which is great for body health, is also advantageous in keeping off these pests. Cayenne pepper is a powerful repellant for ants, cockroaches, dust mites, and fleas.

While having these organic termite therapies is helpful, it is more useful (and far more effective, when eliminating bug infestations) to trace the root cause of your bug problems and getting rid of it. In doing so, you will no longer have to resort to using these organic pest remedies. But, this can be a great solution to, at the least, lessen the occurrence of bug infestations on your property.

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